Beer Bottles, 12 oz. (case of 24.)

Beer Bottles 22 oz. (case of 12)

This bottle effectively seals for long storage. Does not require a capper.

Case/12-750ml Clear with cork finish.

Wine Bottles 750ml green, cork finish

Caps all standard beer bottles (not intended for twist-off bottles).

Corks all standard size bottles with ease using all sizes and types of corks.

Gaskets need to be replaced every 4 or 5 uses to insure a good seal.

Easily applied with an Emily winged capper or stand capper.

Corks #8 X 1 1/2" Synthetic Nomacorc (pkg of 30). Used for long term storage.

Generally used for fruit wines that will be consumed within a year or 2.

An easy and effective way to seal your wine bottle. Available in a selection of colors.

The Auto-siphon requires 5/16" ID tubing to function as designed. (Product #10512 not included)

Used with a siphon mechanism, it is spring loaded and shuts off cleanly upon release.

Cleans all standard beer and wine bottles.

Easily inserted with a rubber mallet.