Our specialty beer kits are especially designed as an introduction to intermediate brewing. These kits include all ingredients needed to brew your favorite type of beer with ease. Northwest kits were created with the belief that you can make a great beer every time you brew. Each kit comes with complete, easy-to follow instructions and all the ingredients needed to make 5 gallons of quality beer.
Great tasting, light bodied, full flavored beer 6.6 lbs. 60/40 wheat malt extract, noble hops, liquid yeast & bottling sugar

Crisp and light with that fresh brewed flavor. 3.3 lbs. malt extract, rice syrup solids and dextrose, NW hops, liquid yeast & bottling sugar.

simple yet delicious, pale ale made with 6.6lbs. of malt extract, cascade hops, specialty grains, liquid yeast, & bottling sugar.

A nice hop bitterness in the NW tradition. This kit includes: 6.6lbs. of liquid light malt extract, toasted specialty grains, hops, yeast & bottlng sugar.

Northern English Brown ale, with mild chocolate/ roast malts and a hint of nutty character from victory malt.

A substantial beer with nice roasted malt characters tied together with an addition of honey malt.

Bold roasted flavor in the Irish tradition 6.6 lbs. malt extract, roasted specialty grains, hops, liquid yeast and bottling primer.

A very pale to light gold delicately balanced Kolsch-style ale with hints of flavor/aroma hops and fruitiness that finishes dry to slightly sweet.

A light straw colored ale, with a low bittering, full flavored hop profile. Smooth malt tones coupled with a crisp lager-like finish.

A deep amber colored beer, well balanced with hints of toffee and a citrusy hop background. Includes easy to follow brewing instructions. This is a great beer when brewed properly. We take no claim to this recipe.

IPA, 5.8% abv, 85 IBU’s. 7.6 lbs. malt extract, kettle and dry hops, specialty grains, liquid yeast, & bottling primer

Cascadian Dark ale(CDA) one of the newest beer styles originating from the Pacific Northwest, the deep dark color of this beer will have your mind thinking stout until you drink it! A nice roast presence dominated by northwest hops!

9.6 lbs. Malt extract, steeping grains, pre-measured hop additions, Liquid yeast, malto-dextrin, Bottling primer and Oak chips. Very malty with overtones of peated malt, Oak chips add a definite character that is very pleasing to the pallet. O.G 1.078, T