Liquid yeast is available in many different varieties to more closely match your style of beer. When using liquid yeast, timing is important since it can take up to 5 days (usually 1-2), depending on freshness, for package to swell, indicating it is ready to pitch.
German, crisp, clean, mild, and dry. Ferments well down to 55F Flocculation = low Approx. attenuation = 73-77% 125ml

London, rich mineral profile that is both bold and crisp. Flocculation = med. Approx. attenuation = 73-77% 125ml

Irish, slight residual diacetyl complements porters and stouts quite nicely. Flocculation = med Approx. attenuation = 71-75% 125ml.

British, from Whitbread, ferments dry & crisp, fruity, well balanced. Flocculation= med Approx. attenuation = 73-75% 125ml

American, ferments dry, well balanced, finisher smooth, soft & clean Flocculation = m-low Approx. attenuation = 73-77% 125ml

Belgian, Abbey style yeast suitable for high gravity beers. Flocculation = med Approx. attenuation = 72-76% 125ml

American II slightly nutty soft & clean, slight tart fruity finish. Flocculation = high Approx. attenuation = 72-76% 125ml

Thames Valley classic bitters lt. malt character, rich flavor, well balanced. Flocculation = med. Approx. attenuation = 72-76% 125ml

British II malty flavor characteristics, crisp clean flavor, fairly dry. Flocculation = high Approx. attenuation = 73-76% 125ml

Belgian Strong robust flavor, high alcohol tolerance, fruity palate. Flocculation = low Approx. attenuation = 73-77% 125ml

Scottish rich character well suited for Scottish & other high gravity ales. Flocculation = high Approx. attenuation = 69-73% 125ml

ESB London excellent for cask conditioned ale, well balanced strain. Flocculation = high Approx. attenuation = 67-71% 125ml

Pilsner classic American pilsner produces extremely clean lager beers. Flocculation = med Approx. attenuation = 71-75% 125ml

Particularly suited for producing 19th century-style West Coast beers. Retains lager characteristics at temperatures up to 65 degrees(F)and produces malty, brilliantly clear beers. This strain is not recommended for cold temperature fermentation.

Bohemian ferments clean and malty, great with traditional German hops. Flocculation = med Approx. attenuation 69-73% 125ml

Bavarian rich full bodied, malty beer. Used by many German Breweries. Flocculation = med Approx attenuation = 73-77% 125ml

Czech Pils classic pilsner strain, the perfect choice for pilsners and bocks. Flocculation = med Approx. attenuation = 70-74% 125ml

Munich very smooth, well-rounded and full-bodied. Flocculation = med Approx. attenuation = 73-77% 125ml

Kolsh hybrid of ale and lager characteristics, ferments well at mod. temps flocculation = low Approx. attenuation = 73-77% 125ml

Weinstephen, unique spicy, cloves & banana, German wheat character. Flocculation = low Approx. attenuation = 73-77% 125ml