2-Stage, 5-gallon Brewing System

2-stage Brewing System Contains everything you need with the exception of the brew kettle and bottles. 1) Primary fermenter-6 gallon bucket style with grommet for air-lock.  2) Secondary Fermenter-5 gallon PET Carboy. 3) Two liquid crystal thermometer (stick on fermenters). 4)Two 3-piece airlocks. 5) Stopper for PET carboy.  6) 8 inch strainer. 7) Floating Thermometer. 8) Auto-siphon, 5.5' tubing, & bottle filler. 9) Triple scale hydrometer. 10) 3-piece sample thief.  11) plastic sample jar. 12) Bottle brush. 13) Winged capper & 1 gross (144) crown caps. 14) 2 oz. bag of "PBW" cleaner. 15) 4 oz. bottle of "Star San" sanitizer. 16) Long handle stainless steel Brewing spoon. 17) The beginners guide to home brewing magazine. 
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This is a great starter kit. If you have any questions all you have to do is pick up the phone and call. Larry is very helpful

Great kit! Done 5 batches so far, all turning out great. Very high quality kit. Guys in the shop are great! They can answer any of your beer brewing questions.

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