6-Gallon Wine making System

Image is only representative. All ingredients and equipment are as listed below.

This equipment kit is designed for making 6 gallons of wine.

  •  8 gallon primary fermenter (bucket style) includes lid, with airlock grommet.
  • 6 gallon secondary fermenter (PET carboy)
  • Drilled Stopper for PET carboy.
  • 2x Airlocks.
  • Long mixing paddle.
  • Auto-siphon, siphon tube
  • Spring loaded bottle filler
  • Double lever hand corker
  • Bag of 30 corks (enough for 6 gal.) 
  • Cleaner(PBW), and Sanitizer (metabisulfite)
  • Bottle brush
  • 2x stick on thermometers (affix to fermenters)
  • Hydrometer, test jar, and wine thief.
  • Instructional magazine.
  • additional items you might want or need: 

    • 30 wine bottles.
    • Spray bottle for applying sanitizer.
    • A wine ingredient kit !!


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