CO2 Kegging System with Hand Faucet

System includes: (1) 5-gallon reconditioned cornelius keg (ball lock),(1) double gauge regulator, (1) empty 5-lb. CO2 cyclinder,  (1) picnic faucet.  (2) Cornelius ball disconnects, gas hose, beer line. Comes assembled..
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This system saves me almost 2 weeks dry hopping in the secondary and I get the effects immediately. The only way to go. Ben

I have a setup like this one, and love it. i have a "coke" keg that is 24" tall (shortert than pepsi keg) is easy to fit into the reffer and still have lots of room for food. and all you need is a ball lock and you can tap 8 half barrels on one CO 5 lbs tank. And if you are in a pinch you can have beer ready to drink 8 hours out of the 2nd carboy. (comes in really handy when crashing a wedding.) or you can take your time a make cask beer. you want one of these.

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