Freedom Fighter Scotch Ale

9.6 lbs. Malt extract, steeping grains, pre-measured hop additions, Liquid yeast,  malto-dextrin, Bottling primer and Oak chips. Very malty with overtones of peated malt, Oak chips add a definite character that is very pleasing to the pallet. O.G 1.078, T.G. 1.023, I.B.U. 34, Abv 7.3% we recommend purchasing an additional yeast (wyeast 1728) or growing a yeast starter for this high gravity brew.
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An outstanding brew! Any fan of Scotch Ale will fall in love with recipe.

I brewed this beer according to the instructions, bottled and forgot about it for 4 months. OMG!! if you have any appreciation for Scotch ales, you will try this one> It is killer!! Lenny M Madison, WI

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